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Amazing is developing a reputation not only as a gentleman himself, but also for passing along his exceptional disposition to his foals.  Mare owners are raving about their Amazing foals...

I can’t say enough about my Amazing colt, Apparently So (aka Axle)! He is everything I could have asked for. He is a lovely mover and conformationally correct. Most importantly, he has a wonderful temperament. Being easy to handle from the get go, he continues to mature into a kind, sweet and smart boy. I love how he is put together and his good looks only add to his superb personality. Daddy passed on some flashy white socks, a blaze and adorable freckles on his refined head. I loved my Amazing colt so much I bred my mare back to him and I am looking forward to having a full sibling in June 2015. I also have to give Ahna props for being so nice to work with. My mare is older and Ahna was so understanding, patient and helpful in making my dream foal a reality!


Lindsay Goff

"Apparently So" Amazing X Oh So Sophisticated

I simply can't say enough about my wonderful experience with Ahna and my incredible 2012 filly by Amazing, Adaire. After becoming ill in 2009, Breeding became first on my bucket list.  I entered into breeding without knowing anything except what I had read in books. One of the most important points in all the books I read said one common thing: Find a reputable stallion owner who stands by their stallion, is willing to educate you and answer questions, and work with you to achieve your dream. I found Ahna and Amazing. And they did just that.

It was through the suggestions of my vet and an experienced breeder, who thought Amazing would cross nicely with the mare I had in mind, and who both knew how amazing both Ahna and Amazing were. It was a perfect fit. Surrounded by "my team", A beautiful blood bay filly with lots of chrome was born and the magic began.

As Amazing was IHF Nominated, Ahna encouraged me to submit Adaire into the Futurity. Adaire won her IHF East Coast filly classes 2 years in a row. Adaire won her class at Devon in the PA Bred Yearling Fillies. And Ahna was there to support and witness the joy. Adaire most recently placed Third in the Sallie B. Wheeler 2 yo classes in September 2014 and Fourth in her Non-Thoroughbred 2 yo Fillies Class out of twelve entries at Warrenton. 

Amazing has passed on his athleticism as witnessed in the first time Adaire went through the jump chute. Putting her under saddle has been a breeze. No spook, no buck, just level headed and a beautiful mover and gaits. The ISR/OLD judge that inspected her was so impressed with her calibre and commented that Adaire was an example of what all breeders should breed for.  Looks, great conformation, lovely gaits and fantastic temperament. She got all of those from her sire, Amazing. Sometimes it is good to dream. Mine came true. So can yours...


Kathy Winter

"Adaire"  Amazing x Tempted Again

"Aut of the Balou" Amazing x DoUThinkUCanDance

"Red White and Balou" Amazing x DoUThinkUCanDance


When a horse has a name like "Amazing" he automatically has a lot to live up to. Thankfully this stallion is nothing short of his name. We have bred our TB mare DoUThinkUCanDance to him 3 times now. Not only have they produced beautiful foals together that are destined for the hunter ring, they have the best personalities. They have the athleticism a professional wants to ride with the temperament an amateur can ride. Giving them all the pieces to become top competitors in the ring one day.


Allie Armento, Worth A Shot Farm



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